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We offer you a recipe for an Apple cocktail with yogurt that is happy to drink every member of your family for the night.

Calories: 100 g — 48,74 kcal Ingredients (3 servings): yogurt — 400 ml Apple — 3 PCs. ground cinnamon to taste honey — 2 tbsp Preparation:

This is a very easy and tasty dish(there is no semolina and starch) is preparing instantly, which is important for Breakfast

  Ingredients: 1 stack of curd(250gr) 1 egg +1 egg white 2 tbsp sugar 1 pear and 1 banana (fruits, you can add any,on your taste) Preparation:

Cottage cheese rolls.

About 167ккал/100g You will need: 200 grams of cottage cheese 0% 1 tbsp of powdered sugar (without top) 1 tbsp sour cream 50 grams of dark chocolate (for filing) 10 dried dates

Candy cottage cheese

  Ingredients: Cottage cheese ( 9 % ) — 300 g Nuts – 50 grams Cookies 150 g Sugar, vanilla sugar to taste, you can add cocoa Chocolate, cocoa, cinnamon, poppy for obvalivanie Preparation:

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