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Salad «Royal coat»

  Ingredients: 1sloy: boiled potatoes into small cubes 2sloy: any smoked fish: trout, salmon i.dr 3sloy: onion or leek 4sloy: shrimp 5sloy: otvareenye eggs finely chopped 6sloy: crab sticks 7sloy: corn from a jar 8sloy: grated carrots

rye Flatbread

This is not only a good alternative to bread, but also the perfect base for a cocktail party snacks! Ingredients: 150 g of natural yoghurt 50 g germinated cereal grains wheat 100g rye flour (you may need to lower / higher, depending on the consistency of yogurt, the quality of the flour and flakes, so […]


  It is ideal for covering cakes and edible modeling figurines INGREDIENTS: 250 g of powdered sugar 2 h. L. gelatin powder 6 hr. L. water 1 h. L. glucose PREPARATION: 1. Sift the powdered sugar and pour it into a bowl.

Cake decorating ideas


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