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Chocolate and chocolate muffins.

  Very tasty, intense, with bitter dark chocolate muffins, which I advise all chocoholic) You will need: 150 g flour 40 g of cocoa h. liter baking powder 4.1 h. L. soda 4.1 h. L. salt

Sour cream biscuits “Heart”

  Ingredients: Dough: 2 eggs 1/2 Art. Sahara 1/2 pack margarine (soft) salt, baking soda (extinguish), vanilla

Mouth-watering cakes

  1 pack of cottage cheese (250 g) 2 eggs, 1ch.l.soli, 1 st.l.sahara, 2-3st.l.smetany, 2 tablespoons sol. oil 1/2 tsp soda (to pay off)


  Ingredients for 10-12 pieces: 250g cottage cheese pasty 2 eggs 5 tbsp Sahara a pinch of salt 1 pt. Of vanilla sugar (10 grams) 1 pt. Of baking powder (15 grams less possible) 250 g flour 1-2 tablespoons milk for greasing You can add raisins Preparation:

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