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Chocolate-banana soufflé

  Air chocolate dessert, which is better served immediately after cooking, since after 5-10 minutes it begins to settle … Ingredients: Mashed ripe ripe bananas — 2 pcs. Starch — 2 tsp. Cocoa powder — 1/4 cup


  For this recipe you can take the ready-made yeast puff pastry, or cook it yourself.   This recipe requires simple preparatory stages for 4 days. Puff pastry does not tolerate haste and bustle, roll unhurriedly, let it stand. Semi-finished products also need a sludge. For the filling use crushed chocolate — the most delicious […]

Capcas with condensed milk and protein cream

  We bring to your attention a recipe of delicious cakes on condensed milk with protein cream. Everything we love is simple, fast and tasty! Ingredients for 12-14 pieces: 2 eggs; 1 can of condensed milk;

Banana marshmallows

  Zephyr is a delicious and delicate treat, and it is not very difficult to make it at home. The main thing to have in the arsenal is a good powerful mixer, able to whip a fairly dense marshmallow mass into a lush light foam. Zephyr is ideal as an independent dessert, and also from […]

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