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Raspberry (strawberry) macaroons, cook at home, step by step recipe

  Ingredients: Three hundred grams of frozen or fresh strawberries; One hundred and sixty-five grams of almond flour; Fifteen grams of zhelfix; One hundred and sixty-five grams of sugar powder; Two teaspoons of vanilla sugar; One vanilla pod; Four egg whites; One hundred and ninety grams of sugar-sand; One hundred milliliters of cream (30-33% fat […]

Homemade cheesecake with cottage cheese.

  Cheesecakes with cottage cheese — wonderful homemade pastries, familiar to us from childhood. I love that the dough for cheesecakes is rich, and the filling is sweet. According to this recipe cheesecake cheesecakes are very delicious, lush and fragrant. Ingredients: For the test: 1 egg; 2 tbsp. L. Sahara; 1/2 packet of vanilla sugar; […]


  INGREDIENTS: ● Yeast dough 1 kg. ● Poppy 100 gr. ● Sugar 100 gr. ● Egg 1 PC.

Cookie recipe with cream cheese

  Ingredients: flour — 2 glasses; baking powder — 2 tsp; sugar — 1/2 Cup; margarine — 150 g;

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