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Lean banana cake in the oven

  INGREDIENTS: 225 g flour brown sugar 100g

Quick and delicious cheese biscuits

  Ingredients: 200 gr. margarine 200 gr. cottage cheese 150 gr. flour 200 gr. Sahara

Buckwheat Cookies with apples. Minimum of calories at the same time!

  Ingredients: — 125 g buckwheat flour — 2 pcs medium apple — Oat bran 1 tbsp. l. It can be any other — Olive oil 1 tsp.. — 1 tbsp honey. l.

Recipe of cookies with chocolate for 20 minutes.

  This biscuits with chocolate can be stored in a sealed container for 2 days. Ingredients: Butter room temperature — 100 gr Sugar — 70 gr Cane sugar — 40 grams

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