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Donuts Donuts

  Delicious doughnuts donuts recipe Israeli pastry chef Miki Shemo. You will need: Ingredients for the dough: For the dough: 1 Cup flour 140 g 1\2 Cup water(120 ml) 1 tsp of fresh yeast(10 G)


  Ingredients: For the dough: 125 g milk 125 g — water 115 g — unsalted butte 1/2 tsp — sugar 1/2 tsp — salt — 140 g of flour 5 PCs — large eggs, at room temperature

Croissants with chocolate

  Ingredients: -310 gr. butter (82% fat) room temperature -1/2 kg flour -1 KOF. L. sugar -1 egg -1 KOF. tsp salt -60 ml. of warm water

Recipe shortbread

  Ingredients: Flour 450 gr. Butter 200 gr. Sugar 1 Cup The cooking process: The oil should be at room temperature.

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