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  Ingredients: Dough: Milk — 250 ml Flour — 400 g Vegetable oil — 2 tbsp Salt — 0,5 tsp Sugar — 1 tbsp Dry yeast — 1 teaspoon

Cakes sloenogo dough with green onions, cheese and vecinos

  Ingredients: ●250 g Russian cheese ●200 g of ham ●2 eggs ●500 g puff pastry ●a bunch of green onions Preparation:


  Delicious low-calorie cottage cheese and banana cakes suitable even for those who are dieting! Ingredients: Cottage cheese — 250 g Banana — 1 PC. Preparation:

Rye biscuits with honey

  Recipe rye pastry with honey is a quick transformation of a small number of simple inexpensive products in a huge number of original sweets. Just a Cup of rye flour, a little honey and oil, and after half an hour we have a tray of delicious cookies. Great dessert for losing weight, fasting, vegetarians […]

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