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Recipe tartlets (2 types of dough — sweet snacks and under).

Tartlets — amazing pastries, with which you can apply stunning desserts and snacks! I offer you a recipe tartlets — or rather, even two — for sweet fillings and cold appetizers. A bonus — another retseptik of dough)) Often special tin molds used for baking tartlets. Or molds made of elastic non-stick material. Tin cookie […]

Choco Eclairs with vanilla cream

Gentle dough with the characteristic chocolate flavor combined with vanilla filling and sweet like chocolate … no less Test Preparation: Milk 250 g 55 g sliv.masla 110 g flour 3 eggs salt 5 g of cocoa

Cookies "Melting moments"

Gently cookies have not tried … Well, just incredibly tender and melting in the mouth! Ingredients: 227 g ff. oils, room temperature Article 1/2 of powdered sugar 1 pt. Of vanilla sugar 1 1/2 Art. flour 1/3 Art. starch

Cheese croquettes with almonds and mustard sauce

Ingredients: Potatoes — 2 pcs. Egg — 1 pc. Milk — 45 ml Cheese — 175 g Parsley chopped — 2 tbsp Egg white — 2 pcs. Water — 105 mL Rusk bread — 300 g

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