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Cottage sweets with orange and cinnamon flavor(weight loss)

For 100grams — 114.2 kcal B / W / Y — 13.43 / 3.76 / 6.45 Ingredients: 180 g cottage cheese 5 tbsp. L. Oat bran 1 egg 0.5 teaspoons baking powder Orange peel (I have 1 tsp), cinnamon to taste Sweetener (stevia, sah.zam, fitipad, etc.) to taste


yogurt without additives Ingredients: 2 ripe banana 200 g of kefir 200-300 g flou r 2 tbsp small raisins 5 g of baking powder (or soda, slaked vinegar)

Cottage cheese muffins.

  My fridge has cheese, which is a little what was missing. Since I love to cook small portions, I found the recipe of muffins with cheese, counted for themselves and decided to bake. I love muffins when they come out — these were great, although I had unsuccessful experiments. Tasty and easy to cook-easy: […]


  Ingredients: flour 500 g milk 500 ml sugar 2 tbsp. salt 0.5 tsp. sunflower oil without smell — 2 tbsp dry yeast — 11 g

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