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Banana-strawberry smoothie with syrup «Grenadine».

  Useful and tasty drink made from natural fruit, cooked very quickly at odds with a bang. INGREDIENTS: vanilla ice cream 100g 100 g of strawberry Syrup «Grenadine» 50 g banana 1 piece. mint Banana-strawberry smoothie with syrup «Grenadine».

Smoothies with avocado and banana

  Due to the avocado, the smoothies get a very hearty, useful and, of course, very tasty! Sweetness give banana and honey, and cinnamon makes its fragrant notes. A wonderful combination, I recommend to try! Ingredients: Avocado — 1/2 pcs. Banana — 1 pc. Milk — 150 ml Oat flakes — 2 tbsp. l. Honey […]

Interesting energy drinks with cocoa.

  1. Iced Mocha and tangerine. 2 cups milk. 0.3 cups of cocoa, sugar, 0.3 cups of coffee powder 1 tbsp. teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 h. spoon, muscat nut powder 0.3 h. spoon 3 pieces mandarins, cream 35% 0,3 cup 1. Pour milk into a small container. 2. Add cocoa powder. Add the sugar. Add coffee. […]

Banana-strawberry smoothie

  You will need: Ice cream-100g, Bananas, 1 pc. 150 g of the cream, Granulated sugar 50 g, Strawberry 150g Cow milk, 150 ml

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