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Raspromoshite chocolate and cut the lemon circles.

In Turk put coffee and sugar and pour boiling water. Add salt and cook without boiling. Pour the drink into a cup, adding crushed bitter chocolate, lemon slices and ice cream. If you liked the recipe «Coffee with lemon and bitter chocolate», tell about it to your friends! Georgian cuisine Preparation time 5 Cooking time […]

Kvass on apple juice — Very tasty refreshing drink!

  Cooking quickly and easily. It turns out a lot. I strongly advise. Ingredients: -1 liter of apple juice -1 cup of sugar -2 tsp soluble coffee -1 tsp dry yeast Preparation:

No time for a full breakfast? There is an exit. You just need to make smoothies!

Chocolate-spinach smoothies It will take: Banana; A handful of spinach; Half a glass of natural yogurt; A glass of chocolate milk; A pinch of cinnamon. Cinnamon smoothies   Oatmeal smoothies It will take: Banana; 1 tbsp. L. Peanut butter; One third of a glass of almond milk;

Smoothies for weight loss — Smoothies of strawberries and milk.

  It will take: A glass of low-fat milk (can be yogurt); A quarter cup of low-fat yogurt; A handful of strawberries; Wheaten sprouts and honey — 2 tsp each.

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