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  A ginger mixture with lemon and honey will help to support the immune system, especially in a time when everyone gets sick with colds. Ingredients: ginger (root) – 120 g   fresh lemons – 4 pieces, honey – 150 ml. Recipe:

Apple cocktail with yogurt for a thinner waist

  Ingredients: ● Kefir – 150 ml ● Apple – 3 PCs. ● La Spezia: ground cinnamon to taste ● Med Preparation:

Cottage cheese cocktail

  Ingredients: • 200 g of cottage cheese skimmed (one pack) • 1 Cup milk or yogurt

Fasting Breakfast. Cocktail bran and prunes.

  Take on the wall, not to lose. Ingredients: — a large glass of kefir 1% fat (about 300 ml) — 2 tablespoons of loose bran — 1 tablespoon of Flaxseed meal — 1 teaspoon cocoa powder — 5-7 pieces of prunes (better fleshy, not dried) about 50 ml of boiling water (to steam the […]

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