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Fat burning smoothies — 5 recipes. Save!

  Fat burning smoothies are a great tool to combat obesity. They accelerate the metabolism, blunt hunger and provide our body with vitamins and minerals. The best five recipes these faithful helpers diet. How to cook fat burning cocktails at home In fact, nothing could be simpler. All you need is the «correct» ingredients and […]

Derive from the body all harmful. The best recipes of the detoxification!

  1. The Apple and cinnamon. Thinly slice one Apple and pour 500 ml of pure water, add 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, cool and drink throughout the day. The combination of apples and ground cinnamon can help you normalize metabolism and clean the digestive tract. 2. Lemon juice and honey. 2 tbsp. fresh lemon […]

Ten green smoothies for a flat belly and cleanse the body

  ✔ Spinach + kiwi + banana Very refreshing smoothie that will give you energy for a long time. Spinach will fill the body with vitamins and minerals. Do not forget that it is perfectly cleanses the body from harmful substances. Add to the spinach one banana and kiwi. First, you will give the drink […]

Lemon drink with mint

Try it, you will not regret it. 3 liters of water bring to a boil with mint, cool to about 40 ° C, so it was a little warm. Lemons pour boiling water for 5 minutes, then rinse them well with water, cut off the tails, peel the skin off, cut the lemons with slices, […]

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