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Smoothies from celebrities — Smoothies from Hilary Baldwin

  Smoothies are delicious and delicious cocktails for weight loss and body cleansing! Historically, useful foods are not always tasty, and not every woman will honestly eat the products so necessary for her health and beauty day after day if the taste buds are unanimous. It is for such cases and come up with smoothies […]

Miracle juice, burning abdominal fat

  And at the same time the body will be cleared of the accumulated slags and will get a powerful vitamin boost. Abdominal fat is a problem for many women. Mother Nature has created us so that, in the event of famine, it serves as a «storehouse» of nutrients for the future child, and at […]

Lemon water for weight loss

I’ll open my little secret — a simple recipe for making lemon water for weight loss. It’s a delicious drink that I drink every day. A good dieting element for losing weight. Meet! 🙂 Description of preparation: Lemon water for weight loss is prepared very easily and quickly. I think that within 20 minutes you […]

Actually and tasty: a recipe for home-made vitamins from cherries

  Home cherry in cherry, what could be more beautiful in the summer evening? Now the season of cherries and many do not even know that at home you can cook delicious nourishment yourself, which will become the queen of a festive table or a feast with family and close friends, informs Of course, […]

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