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Smoothies of mango, carrots and kiwi

  Ingredients: Carrot juice — 1 glass Frozen mango cubes, slightly defrost — 1 glass

Recipe for a drink Sassi for weight loss — is considered one of the most effective cocktails for weight loss

  Drink Sassi or water Sassi, as it is often called, is considered one of the most effective cocktails for weight loss. Practice has shown that this drink perfectly affects the fat layers of the body, especially in the abdomen and sides. First of all, Sassi’s drink affects the human intestines, releasing it from toxins […]

Wellness cocktails — You urgently need to cook now!

📌Markov + Ginger + Apple — supports and strengthens your immune system. 📌 Apple + Cucumber + Celery — prevents cancer, reduces cholesterol, relieves stomach upset and headache. 📌 Tomato + Carrots + Apple — improves skin color and eliminates odor from the mouth. 📌Hot pepper + Apple + Milk — prevents the appearance of […]

Coffee for groom: recipe for a romantic evening — Coffee with orange juice

  Ingredients: Ground coffee — 4 teaspoons; Hot water — 200 ml; Orange juice — 100 ml; Cinnamon, cloves — to taste; Orange slices — decoration. Pour the ground coffee and spices with hot water (t 95-100 C) in the French press. In glasses, pre-warmed, pour

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