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Cottage cheese and tangerine DESSERT

  Ingredients: 1 — mandarin, 200 gr. low-fat cottage cheese, 125 gr.- natural yoghurt, 1 — banana, 1 apple, 1 — kiwi a handful of hazelnuts or almonds.

Coffee with spices cures colds.

If you forgive and you want to treat combine business with pleasure, then this recipe is for you coffee. For a serious blow to the cold you need the following components: Composition: — Natural ground coffee — cacao butter — honey — A pinch of ginger — A pinch of cardamom — A pinch of […]

Coffee Warsaw

For one cup of beverage — 1.5 spoon of coffee fine or medium grind, 0.5 cups of milk or cream. Coffee pour in the coffee pot, add water, heated until the foam rises, remove from heat, drain, add milk or cream, put the sugar to taste and then heated to raise the foam, boil.

Banana smoothie with blueberries (weight loss)

  Ingredients: 1) Banana 100g. 2) Blueberry 100 gr. 3) Yoghurt 0% 100 ml.,

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