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Hot banana cocktail with chocolate(Diet foods)

  For the sweet tooth, who watch her figure Calories: 80 kcal per 100 g Ingredients: Milk — 500 ml Banana — 1 pc. Vanilla pod — 1 pc.

Smoothie with cream cheese and bananas — cheerfulness!

  Ingredients (2 servings): yogurt — 400g Banana — 100g cottage cheese (low-fat) — 150 g

Coffee — healing drink

  1. Coffee helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease In 2009 was carried out another investigation of the properties of coffee, which found that people who drank at maturity at least 3-5 cups of coffee per day, 65% less prone to the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease in old age. According to another study, the caffeine in […]

«Coffee Frappe»

frappe: Ingredients: Instant coffee — 2 tsp Milk — — to taste Sugar — 2 tsp

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