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Red and black: two quick, but special recipes for lemonade, which will perfectly refresh in the heat

  Two unusual lemonade recipes, which will perfectly refresh in the heat Do you know what is the best refreshing drink in the heat? No, not ordinary soda and not even Coca-Cola. And the old-good lemonade. And who said that «old school» is bad and tasteless? So, in order to feel better in the heat […]

Caramel yogurt in the multiсooker

  Ingredients: Milk pasteurized — 850 ml Natural yogurt — 150 g Caramel candies (toffee) — 150 g Preparation:

«Steep rainbow» — tasty on a hot day

  Composition for 5-6 servings: — 2 bananas — 300 gr. Strawberries — 3 kiwis — 300 gr. Ice cream (plombir) — Mint Fruits and berries cool thoroughly. Grind separately in a blender Soften the ice cream.

The best recipes for banana smoothies are just an energy bomb! — Banana smoothie with seeds

  Banana is the No. 1 fruit on the energy path for the body. By itself — a natural power engineer, and in a cocktail — just an energy bomb! You can talk about the benefits of bananas for a very long time. They give an incredible energy boost to the body. This is the […]

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