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Refreshing Watermelon Water — It is an excellent drink for hot days.

To get rid of most of the nitrates contained in the watermelon, it is sufficient to cut off the layer of pulp close to the crust — a couple of centimeters, not more. Purified watermelon cut into cubes of arbitrary shape, chop in a blender, strain the puree through a sieve into a large bowl. […]

Smoothies «Apple-strawberry» — tasty, beautiful, useful for weight loss!

The recipe for making striped smoothies from apples and strawberries for 4 servings. Ingredients A large green apple — 1 pc. Lemon juice — 2 tbsp. L. Ripe kiwi fruit — 3 pcs. Banana — 1 pc. Ginger root — 1 piece

Fruity smoothie with ginger — very useful and burns fat

Per 100grams — 63.29 kcal B / W / Y — 1.18 / 0.21 / 14.4 Ingredients: Bananas 2 pcs. Oranges 2 pcs. Fresh ginger grated 1 tsp.

Recipe for cold coffee for a hot summer — Cold mint-chocolate coffee

  Ingredients Freshly brewed natural coffee — 300-350 ml Bitter chocolate — 30-50 g Mint syrup or liqueur — 2-4 tbsp. L. Cream ice cream — 100 g

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