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Smoothies with persimmons

  Ingredients: 1 — very ripe banana 2 — large persimmon 2- mandarin 1 tsp — Goji berries 1 ch.l.- pollen 250 ml-plain yogurt


  Ingredients: 250 grams (1 cup) — raspberry (fresh or frozen) 300 ml — Milk 200g — ice cream 3 tbsp. Leningrad-sugar Preparation: Instead of raspberries, you can use any other berry. Ice cream can be used vanilla, chocolate, strawberry.

Fresh carrot juice with tangerine (weight loss)

  Ingredients Carrots -150 g Mandarin -2 pcs cooking Carrots are clean, wash and narezat.Propustit carrots through sokovyzhimalku.Iz mandarin squeeze the juice can with pulp.

SMUZІ OZHINOVO — Banana (weight loss)

  Ingredients Banana 1 piece Blackberries 100 g Red currants 100 g Yogurt 1.5% — 1 tbsp cooking

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