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10 recipes for smoothies (divine drinks) for health and a beautiful figure

  1. Smoothies from kiwi Ingredients: Kiwi fruit — 4 pcs. Natural yoghurt — 250 g Freshly squeezed orange juice (1 large orange) — ½ cup Honey — 1 tbsp. L. Ice — 1 glass

Strawberry mango cocktail with mint

  Ingredients: Mango — 200 g Strawberries — 200 g Orange juice is 1/2 cup. Mint leaves — 4-6 pcs. Preparation: 1. Whip all the ingredients until smooth, in a blender and serve.

Recipe for cold coffee for a hot summer — Dessert coffee with halva

  Ingredients Freshly brewed strong coffee — 200-250 ml Peanut halva — 100 g Cream (10% fat content) — 100 ml Maple (or nut) syrup — 20 ml Preparation Cook the coffee and strain. Add the syrup and cool a little.

Red and black: two quick, but special recipes for lemonade, which will perfectly refresh in the heat

  Two unusual lemonade recipes, which will perfectly refresh in the heat Do you know what is the best refreshing drink in the heat? No, not ordinary soda and not even Coca-Cola. And the old-good lemonade. And who said that «old school» is bad and tasteless? So, in order to feel better in the heat […]

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