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Lemonade Joloe

  Main Ingredient: Fruit, Berries Food category: Cold drinks Ingredients: Raspberry puree — 20 ml

Non-alcoholic mojito with apple juice — on a hot day!

  Mojito is the favorite summer drink of many townspeople. It has everything you need in the heat: the freshness of lime and the chill of mint, in the alcoholic — also the sweetish-spicy taste of rum. But we offer an option without alcohol. Maybe someone thinks that this is wrong, they say, such mojito […]

Fruity smoothies «Sunny»- Useful smoothies will charge vivacity for the whole day.

To prepare the drink you need apples, carrots, celery and orange juice. Ingredients Orange — 1 pc. Apples — 4 pcs. Carrots — 2 pcs. Celery — 1 stem

Muscat coffee — try: it is very tasty!

  Shake the egg yolk well with sugar. In a small coffee pot, heat the cream. Slowly intervene in them, mogul, gently heat almost to a boil, but do not boil. Remove from heat. Pour the coffee into two warm cups and add the cream with the egg. Top with nutmeg. If you liked the […]

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