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Muscat coffee — try: it is very tasty!

  Shake the egg yolk well with sugar. In a small coffee pot, heat the cream. Slowly intervene in them, mogul, gently heat almost to a boil, but do not boil. Remove from heat. Pour the coffee into two warm cups and add the cream with the egg. Top with nutmeg. If you liked the […]

Cocktail for breakfast! Easy to prepare, tasty and nutritious, which is very important for the morning!

  Ingredients: Banana — 2 pcs. Cottage cheese — 3 tbsp. L. Milk — 50-100 g

Green tea with watermelon — quench your thirst faster on a hot day!

  And this is a watermelon variation «on the topic.» The one who loves tea is sure to appreciate. In particular, we recommend it to those who love green tea and watermelon. They complement each other perfectly, quenching thirst. Peel and cut into pieces of watermelon with a blender chop. As in the previous recipe, […]

Fruit cocktail «Vitaminka» —  Try it, you will not regret it.

Peel the orange, cut into pieces, remove bones and films. Peel the apple from the peel and core, cut into pieces. Peel the banana and cut into slices. Combine all the ingredients in a blender and beat for 10 seconds until a uniform mass is formed. If you liked the recipe «Fruit cocktail» Vitaminka «, […]

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