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Cake "ladies fingers"

This recipe is carefully stored on the first sheet notebooks yellowed by time. And we have always baked in the New Year. There was nothing more festive for me than this snowy hill. From this recipe in our family we took already no one remembers. Quick and easy to prepare, stunning delicate flavor. Ingredients: For […]

berry Clafoutis

Clafoutis -Traditional French dessert. A cross between bake and easy pie. Classic Clafoutis prepared with ripe cherries, but you can use any berries and juicy fruits. Ingredients: 800 g of different berries 200 g fat sour cream Sugar 100 g 4 medium eggs 11 g baking powder (baking powder) 100 g flour 1 h. L. […]

Cake "Blueberry Forest".

Very chocolate, juicy and tender cake! Besides it looks very festive! Although still have to tinker a bit …;) Cooking time: 100 minutes + cooling Servings: 6 You will need: Blueberries in syrup: 75 g water Sugar 100 g 200 g frozen blueberries

10 Strawberry recipes of cakes and pies ??? ?

1. MY VERSION CAKE FRAISIER Ingredients. For biscuit (form 20 cm diameter) Eggs room t — 3 pieces Sugar — 80 g Flour — 60 g Starch — 20 g Baking powder 1/2 tsp Vanillin — 1 g

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