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How to make a mirror glaze «Leopard».

  The glaze «Leopard», this is when a leopard pattern appeared on your mirror glaze. We will need: To cover the cake — any mirror glaze — on a greasy basis, for example chocolate and condensed milk, or cream, ie. Fruit glaze on pectin is not suitable. For the glaze «Leopard» — neutral glaze. You […]

Cake with salted caramel. — it’s amazing and delicately delicious!

  Ingredients: Sponge cake: on the shape of 20 cm 250 grams of eggs 200 g of sugar 1 grams of lime peel (about half a lime) 1 gram of salt Vanilla pod

Mousse cake «Chocolate-ginger-lime» — And what a delicious it is!

  At first glance, the mousse cakes are rather complicated, but if you thoroughly disassemble each stage, then such a cake can be prepared absolutely for everyone. And what a delicious it is! Lovers of chocolate will definitely appreciate! Ingredients: For work we will need 2 rings — 18 and 20 cm. Lime biscuit: 41 […]

Orange cake — tender and amazing taste

  Ingredients Oranges — 2 pcs. Eggs — 7 pcs. Sugar — 300 gr Softened butter — 200 gr «Lady’s fingers» (or other biscuit biscuits) — 10 pcs. Walnuts — 1 tbsp. Fatty sour cream — 500 gr

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