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Cake Surprise

  Ingredients: 8 protein 2 cups sugar 1 Cup flour 1 Cup of walnuts, grind in a blender

Apple pie with apples

  This recipe for an Apple pie has never failed me! I’ve heard mixed reviews about cooking Charlotte. Someone has the dough rises, someone apples are not felt, etc. But here everything is as it should be! Most importantly, beat the eggs with sugar long and hard, and no baking powder is not needed! You […]


  Flan — a great classic patisserie French bakery. It is a simple dessert made with eggs, sugar, cream. To put it simply is a baked pastry cream. Parisian flan — a great classic Parisian confectionery shops, bakeries, cafes and bistros. Parisian flan, or as it is called, a pastry flan (flan patissier) is a […]

Cake «Spring mood»

  Ingredients biscuit eggs 6 PCs. flour 6 tbsp. sugar 6 tbsp. vanilla 1 PC. for the cream

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