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Divinely delicious cake “Three milk”

  The whole point of which is in the casting! Ingredients and preparation: 4 eggs + a glass of sugar beat the mixer at high speed until a strong foam forms (min.5). Accurately mix a glass of flour and a bag of baking powder. In a glass, pour 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, add 3 […]

Chocolate cheesecake for those who follow the figure

  Ingredients: Low fat cottage cheese – 400 g Milk 1% – 100 g Honey bee – 20 g

Very tasty jelly curd cake with berries

For 100grams – 65.34 kcal B / W / Y – 9.98 / 0.63 / 4.68 Ingredients: Low fat cottage cheese – 150 g Natural yogurt – 150 g Berries – 150 g (we have blueberries and strawberries) Gelatin – 2 tbsp Sweetener – to taste

Triple Coconut Cake

Triple Coconut Cake
This riff on the Southern classic incorporates coconut in every form, giving the cake an all-natural flavor and super-moist crumb. Pair it with a creamy coconut frosting and a caramelized white chocolate coconut ganache to make it wonderfully over the top.
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