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  INGREDIENTS 0.5 liter. Milk, 1 packet of finished chocolate pudding (or 1 tbsp with a starch slice + 1 tbsp cocoa + 2 tbsp sugar), cocoa — 1 tbsp. L., Sugar 1,5 glasses, 7 eggs, 1 packet of vanilla sugar, 6-7 tablespoons. Flour, 250 gr. Butter, bitter chocolate 4 tiles (400 g), milk chocolate […]

Cottage cheese jelly cake

  500 g of cottage cheese, 100 g of sugar, 3 yolks, 100 g of sludge, 12 g of gelatin, 350 ml of milk, 50 ml of water, 1 packet of half-finished berry jelly (per 200 ml of liquid). Pour the jelly powder into a small bowl and pour 50 ml of boiling water, mix […]

Chocolate cake with peanut butter glaze (original)

#cake Ingredients: For the test: 250 g of flour, 550 g of sugar, 80 g of unsweetened cocoa powder, 2 tsp. Soda for baking, 1 tsp. Salt,

Lemon cake with pistachios

#cake Required products: For the test: 5 chicken eggs 140 g of wheat flour 140 g of sugar 1 teaspoon lemon zest 2-3 drops of lemon essence 1 pinch of salt For cream: 75 g of softened butter

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