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Cinnabon with cream cheese frosting

  Ingredients: Flour — 450-550 g Sugar — 80 g Creamy cottage cheese — 50-70 g Milk — 200 ml Butter — 280g Dark chocolate — for decoration Dry yeast — 11 g Eggs — 2 PCs.


  for the dough,1 proton. ingredients 1)margarine, 3, packs. по180 gr. 2)torment 6..article. 3)sour cream 2 tbsp. 4)yeast 1, h/L. 5)milk floor, St ? filling ?


  Tiramisu turns out moderately sweet and very tender. Depending on requests, you can increase the number of cookies on a couple of pieces. Of the ingredients is quite a large dessert that can be a great substitute for a birthday cake or just a soul to feed 10 people Ingredients: Instant coffee-10 oz., Cookies […]

Magic caramel cake

  We present you an amazing recipe for a delicate cake. The taste resembles ice cream «Creme brulee». Cooked very easily, it will handle even a child. Required products egg – 1 PC sugar – 50 grams flour – 50 gr heavy cream – 2.5 St boiled condensed milk – 0.3 kg

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