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Pie with wild berries

A cake with forest berries will appeal to all gourmets. It turns out a very delicate, delicious pie with sweet and sour filling, and therefore not cloying. It will be a wonderful treat, which you can treat guests. My friends like everything. Prepare the dough: Two and a half glasses of flour and 80 grams […]

Pear-chocolate cake

  Ingredients: Pear — 2-3 pcs. Chocolate bitter — 60 g Butter — 50 g Flour — 50 g Sugar — 75 g Almond flour — 25 g

Pie from the cottage cheese pastry with apples — The cake is awesome!

  In the delicious curd pastry halves of baked apples are hidden, the filling in which can be changed based on their taste preferences. Ingredients: Flour (the amount of flour depends on the moisture of the cottage cheese) — 2.5 stacks. Butter — 250 g Curd — 200 g Sugar is a stack.

Raspberry pie

  Ingredients: 1 lemon 200 gr of flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 125 grams of sugar Salt to taste 100 ml of milk (1.5% fat) + 5 tbsp. Spoons for dough 4 tbsp. Tablespoons vegetable oil

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