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Perfect chocolate cake step-by-step recipe with photo

  Ingredients: For the cake: 285 gr. Flour 400 gr. Small sugar 90 gr. Cocoa powder 2.5 teaspoons soda 2 teaspoons baking powder

Cake Melting Miracle with sour cream

#cake A melting miracle is a delicious and easy-to-prepare cake. Due to the large amount of sour cream it turns out to be very soft and gentle. And that the cake was not only tasty, but also had a truly festive look, I decorated it with roses made of mastic. Ingredients for a cake diameter […]

Cream Charlotte Cream

#cake Very delicate, tasty, thick cream «Charlotte». Ideal for both spreading cakes and decorating them. With the cream «Charlotte» is very pleasant to work, it is easily planted with a confectionery bag and perfectly keeps the shape! Ingredients: — 350 g of butter; — 2 eggs; — 300 g of sugar; — 200 ml. Milk; […]

Cake without baking with mango or banana

#cake Ingredients: For the basis, we need: 100 gr of almonds 100 gr dates 30 g of coconut chips Vanillin to taste

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