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Diet pie for losing weight.

Diet pie out of apples very quickly prepared. If you’s promise to descend to a tea party friends, who are also concerned about her figure, you go ahead and half an hour at your table will already be a delicious light cake which just melts in your mouth. Ingredients: egg — 1 piece, 5-6 large […]

Pie with oat flakes and apples

  Ingredients: For the test: Flour — 140 g Brown sugar — 100 g Butter at room temperature — 230 g For filling: Cream cheese — 500 g

Cake «Napoleon» with strawberries

  Ingredients: Puff pastry — 1,5 kg Butter — 500 g Sugar powder — 250 g Condensed milk — 250 g Cognac — 2 tbsp. L. Vanillin or vanilla sugar — to taste Fresh strawberry — 500 g Preparation:

Cookie cake with nuts and sour cream

  Ingredients: For the cake: ● cookies 500 g ● walnuts 1 glass ● condensed milk 250 g For cream: ● sour cream 1 glass ● sugar 3/4 cup

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