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A light cake made from yoghurt and fruit without baking is a colorful and low-calorie summer recipe.

It’s very easy to make a cake, and it will take a little time, especially if you use instant gelatin. Ingredients Yoghurt (fat and fillers to taste, you can use a mixture of different yogurts, for example, plain and pineapple) — 500 g Gelatine instant — 25 g (1 sachet) Sugar — 4 tbsp. Spoon […]

Chocolate cake with caramel

  Ingredients: Dough: 200 gr. Shortbread cookie 2 tablespoons of cocoa + for sprinkling 110 gr. Butter softened Caramel:

Poppy cake «Queen Esther» The cake is almost without flour and without fat (weight loss)

with absolutely weightless cakes and delicious cream-lemon cream. Let’s start with the cream, he will need to cool down. Ingredients for Cream: 1 cup of milk (240 ml) 1 pack (250 ml) whipping cream

Banana-coconut cheesecake(low-calorie dish)

  LCY 1082/92/28/118 LOAA per 100 grams 169 / 14.4 / 4.37 / 18.44 The basis: ✔ egg 1 piece ✔ Cornmeal 60 gr ✔cream 100 ml ✔ Opener ✔Sweet to taste

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