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Carrot cake with apple cream

  Light and airy apple cream on a juicy carrot — apple — nut basis …. Very tasty and not very harmful for the figure Dough for the base: 125 g of flour 100 g of brown sugar (can be replaced by conventional sugar) half a teaspoon of cinnamon small pinch of salt 1 sachet […]


  A wonderful gentle cake with the taste of Italian dessert «Tiramisu». It consists of a coffee biscuit. Composition: for coffee syrup 100 ml of freshly brewed coffee 20-50 g of sugar (to taste) 20-40 g amaretto liqueur (to taste, or can be without liqueur) for coffee biscuit 92 g of egg yolks (about 5 […]

Boston cream cake

Boston cream cake – light and extremely airy dessert. This cake is the official dessert of Massachusetts. He came up with French chef M. Sanzian. Ingredients: Flour – 125 g Eggs – 4 pcs. Sugar – 150 g

Jam tart

You will need: Two chicken eggs Three cups flour 200 grams of margarine or butter One cup of sugar A little pinch of vanillin One teaspoon of baking powder to the test 200 grams of jam How to cook: 1. Melt the margarine in a water bath or butter. Cool it. We put the heat […]

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