A wonderful gentle cake with the taste of Italian dessert «Tiramisu». It consists of a coffee biscuit.

for coffee syrup
100 ml of freshly brewed coffee
20-50 g of sugar (to taste)
20-40 g amaretto liqueur (to taste, or can be without liqueur)


for coffee biscuit
92 g of egg yolks (about 5 pcs.)
138 g of egg whites (about 4 pcs.)
115 g of flour
120 g of sugar
9 grams of instant coffee
40 ml of freshly brewed coffee

* Further I write quantity of components for a cream-mousse, calculated on two different forms
— square 20Х20 cm (it is also suitable for round diameter 22-24 cm)
— square 27Х27 cm (it is also suitable for a circular diameter of 26 cm)

for cream-mousse with mascarpone and coffee
185 (250) ml cream 30% fat content
45 (60) ml of strong freshly brewed coffee
110 (140) g of sugar
3 (4) egg yolks
375 (500) g mascarpone
3 (4) g of gelatin

+ bitter chocolate and cocoa powder

Cooking sponge cake:

Separate the proteins from the yolks. Proteins start whipping with a mixer at low speed, then increase speed and whisk until firm peaks. Then add the sugar gradually to the proteins (enter 1 tbsp without stopping the whipping). Beat to a firm and lush mass.
Yolks lightly beat up and gradually, pouring in a thin trickle, add them to the squirrels, very gently stirring the whisk or the spatula from the bottom upwards (long it is not necessary to interfere, the mass must remain airy).

The rest of the photos on the preparation of this sponge cake I accidentally deleted: cry:, there was only a photo of the finished biscuit cakes … Therefore, there will be only a description. 🙁 But since I will always repeat the cake: vkusno:, I will supplement my recipe with the missing photos.: Girl_yes:

Freshly brewed coffee cool, mix with instant coffee.

Sift flour 2 times. Introduce parts of the egg mass with flour and coffee, also gently and briefly mixing the whisk or scapula from the bottom up, so that the dough does not settle.
Introduce alternately in three steps: part of the flour to sift into the dough — stir gently, a part of the coffee pour a thin trickle on the edge of the bowl — mix carefully, etc. The dough should remain airy. In color it will be light coffee.

The finished dough is divided into two parts. Half-transfer to a confectioner’s bag with a simple round nozzle. On a parchment paper, draw a circle or a square the size of your shape (in my case it was a square), turn the paper this side (drawn) side down (so that the trace is not printed on the test) and fill it with a pastry from the pastry bag. The surface of the dough can be slightly smoothed with a spatula.

* I usually make a circle from the dough a little bit more than drawn, then I cut the edges of the baked cake slightly, and he enters the cake mold tightly, leaving no cracks.

Bake the cake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 8-12 minutes (depending on your oven). The surface of the finished cake will slightly spring when pressed with a finger.

Then, in the same way, bake the second cake from the remaining dough.
Ready cakes cool down, and then carefully remove the paper from the underside. Here such coffee cakes have turned out.

For coffee syrup:
Boil coffee, add sugar and amaretto liqueur to taste.

Prepare cream mousse with mascarpone:

Mascarpone beforehand to take out from the refrigerator, so that it is slightly warmed.

Pre-soak gelatin in accordance with the instructions to it.
Egg yolks to grind with sugar by hand. Warm the boiled coffee with a thin trickle gently into the yolks, stirring them. The resulting mass should be put on a water bath with a small boil of water.

Brew, stirring, until light thickening.
* If you suddenly find that the mixture does not thicken, then you can put it to cook simply on a small fire (without a water bath), but in this case you need to constantly interfere with it and watch so that it does not heat up too much, and yolks start to curl up ( on the bottom and walls).

The mixture should not become very thick, but only slightly thicken,
If you dip a spoon in it, then on the back of the spoon there will be a thin layer, draw on it with your finger — there must be a trace.

Remove the ready-made egg-coffee mixture from the fire, insert into it the soaked gelatin, stir until it dissolves. Cool to room temperature (make sure that the mixture does not start to freeze).

Mascarpone lightly mix with a mixer at low speed
* Mascarpone should never be beaten long and intensively. it can be stratified from this.

Add the egg-coffee mixture to the mascarpone in two doses and mix again gently with a mixer at a low speed.

Next, whip the cream to soft peaks and add to the cream in portions, mixing with a spoon from the bottom to the top to keep airiness.

We collect the cake:
Biscuit cakes cut into size (if necessary). The sides of the detachable form can be laid with a film to make it easier to remove the cake later.

The first cake put on the bottom of the form, covered with parchment paper, soak it with coffee syrup. Spread half the cream-mousse on it, sprinkle with grated bitter chocolate. Cover with a second crust.

The second cake should also be soaked with syrup and covered with the remaining cream. The surface of the cream can simply be leveled with a spatula. I drew the waves from above with an ordinary knife.
* Coriander syrup soaked to taste, it is not necessary to use it completely.

Remove cake-tiramisu in the refrigerator for several hours (or better at night).
Then carefully remove from the form (it turns out very gentle). Shortly before filing, sift the cocoa powder onto the surface of the cake.

Have a nice tea!

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