Cake in haste without baking in the oven

Cake in haste without baking in the oven


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1 pack of butter — 200 gr
sour cream — 250 gr (any fat)
3/4 cup granulated sugar
small jar of canned pineapples or any soft fruits (apricots, bananas, peaches)
200- 300 g of conventional small crackers (fish, numbers, letters)


1. Take the softened butter, mix it with sour cream and sugar until smooth. Then send back the fruit. And in the end we pour crackers. All the mix.
2. All the dough is ready. Then, take the form of lining it with cling film, and we shift our dough. Then cover with cling film and primenaem to the batter evenly in the form laid down. And put in the refrigerator overnight.
3. On the morning to get it, otkryvakm film and spread on a plate. You can decorate with grated chocolate or anyone on how much your imagination. All gotov.Poprobuyte cake, it turns out very tasty, and most importantly fast.

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